Artist Statement

My ideas are rooted in spirituality that surface through shape and color. My paintings and drawings have an underlying powerful foundation to them. In my current body of work, flowers have an inner glow to them that intrigues me and speaks of its magical life force. This life force is in each one of us, in all living things, and is a gift we have been given. I continue to create pieces about healing and enlightenment.


Janet Sgro’s need for creative expression runs strong.  The School of the Art Institute of Chicago graduate fuels a need to create visual beauty with an endless supply of inspirations.  Using paint and pastel, she is able to surface her inner most thoughts, feelings and emotions, producing breathtaking pieces of art.

Her artwork is displayed in a variety of venues, including St. Johns Prairie Heart Institute’s Center For LivingEmerging Energy Acupuncture and many distinguished private art collections.  Janet also holds a U.S. Patent for an art piece that was mass produced and sold over ten thousand units.  In addition, her pieces have been exhibited in both solo and group exhibitions, including The Sullivan Galleries of ChicagoIllinois Department of Transportation’s Fine Art Gallery and Chicago’s Randolph Street Gallery.  Drawings and paintings are also sold and commissioned through the Janet Sgro Art & Design Company.

Janet Leona Sgro was born in Detroit, Michigan in 1971.  One of seven children, quiet time was hard to come by, so it was sought and cherished. Her parents created a culturally rich environment with her mom’s love of classical music and her dad’s beautiful gardens.  Elements of their house were also intriguing, one being the incredible wood doors.  The grain on the wood had hundreds of faces in it and one could stare at the doors and see new images.  This influenced her greatly with developing her imagination and producing art.  She received her B.F.A. from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago in 1996.  She lives with her husband and two children in the emerging art community of Springfield, Illinois.  She is able to find the beauty to create art everywhere.