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Auditions are free of charge. Send over your samples or scripts, and I’ll send you over an mp3 with a couple takes : )

I am in the SAG Union. So for the most part my rates are union rates. However, I understand that not all jobs are union based, so I may otherwise adhere to GVAA rates. Feel free to ask and I’ll be happy to send you over a quote.

My home set up I mainly use for auditions. Though it still top of quality gear and clocks in at -80 db

Recording Space: 4×4 Whisper Room
Mic: Nuemann TLM103
PreAmp: Apollo Twin Duo X
Computer: MBPro Fully Spec’d
DAW: Logic Pro X
Other Programs: SourceConnect, Zoom, Skype

I use my office for bookings mostly.. The fabric track system is the way to go!! Everyone who steps in is amazed by the sound quality and room tone.

Office Setup: (Please see
Recording Space: Professionally Floated Room, isolated, custom paneled fabric track and ventilated.
Mic: Nuemann TLM103
PreAmp: Apollo X6
Computer: 2020 iMac (fully spec’d out)
DAW: Logic Pro X
Other Programs: SourceConnect, Zoom, Skype, Protools, Ableton, FinalCut
Monitor for ADR: 50” 4khd Samsung Television

Ofcourse!! I can have video, zoom or last minute script changes all projected on a 50 inch monitor.

Yes. I have a paid subscription of source connect standard. If we need to phone patch, skype, zoom all can be done right into the booth.


Yes. If you would like me to ad music, sdfx, mix, master all can be done for an extra charge. You can provide music/fx or I can provide my own. Please see for more info on the work I do in the studio or contact me for more info.

No problem. Calm down we will get through this! Email me or call me and I’ll walk you through. If it is less urgent, I do phone consults, video consults, home consults, I’ll help you with your booth or with your DAW, or even just analyze your overall sound. I got you.

Good question. “I can do so many voices… people say I should do voice over…” Oh if I had a nickel for every time I… hehe. There are plenty of resources out there and coaches. Feel free to email me. Let me say this.. It takes work, dedication, and a willingness to play!!! I do offer one on one time and coaching in the studio. I feel like the best way is to put you in front of that mic as soon as possible!! Listening to yourself, playing and seeing if this is for you. Quick Tip: It’s performance first! Voice Second!